affordable prescription glasses

Affordable prescription glasses allow you to wear frames to match different moods you’re in! That’s why I was so excited when I won a pair of Polette Eyewear glasses from Putting Me Together’s Giveaway! Glasses, to me, are another accessorizing option when it comes to fashion. I have 4 pairs now and I like to switch it up depending on what I’m wearing or where I’m going. So today, I’m going to review the MRS glasses that I got from Pollette Eyewear; but first, a few quick tips on purchasing affordable prescription glasses online:

Tips For Buying Prescription Glasses Online

  • Ask your optometrist for a copy of your prescription every time you get an eye exam.
  • Note the measurements on any type of eyewear you find online.
  • Take advantage of the “try them on” sections, if available.

About Polette

Polette Eyewear is a French brand of eyeglasses and sunglasses that has recently opened up in the North American market. They offer a frame & lenses combo for only $6.99, which is perfect for all my budget-friendly fashionistas out there!

My Glasses

I chose the MRS frames because I really liked the tortoiseshell pattern combined with the gold hardware. The gold isn’t as vibrant as depicted in the pictures on their website; instead, it’s a more subtle gold tint which I actually prefer.

affordable prescription glasses

Ordering Online

Polette Eyewear has one of the easiest online ordering systems for glasses that I’ve ever seen. Once you select which frames you want, you simply choose between Single Vision, Progressive Vision, and Photochromatic Vision lenses. Add any upgrades like coatings or thickness, enter your prescription, and you’re done! It’s really so easy.

If you just want the frames, Polette also offers fashion lenses as well! Or, if you want prescription sunglasses, you select what tint you wish to add to many of the frames.

My favorite part about ordering these frames was the “try on” section. Once you click on the frames you want, you can virtually try them on by snapping a photo of your face using your webcam. Just follow the prompts about where to position your left and right eyes. You can adjust the zoom, rotation, and contrast options for the picture you take. If you’re unable to take a picture, Polette has a few sample faces you can use to try the frames on to get a feel for how they might look on you.


Keep in mind that shipping does take a bit of time since Polette is an international company. I ordered my glasses on December 17th and they arrived on January 9th.


Once the frames arrived, I instantly fell in love with them. They don’t feel “cheap” like some of the other brands you can order online. The MRS frames fit nicely on my face and aren’t too big or too small. My prescription works very well with these lenses as well. I wish I could have gotten them as photochromatic (transition) lenses. I’ll definitely be ordering that option in the future!

If your glasses don’t fit just right, many physical eyewear stores will assist you with any adjustments for free! My left ear is lower than my right so my glasses sometimes tend to sit a bit crookedly on my face. I have never had any issues asking nicely for an adjustment at an eyewear store.

affordable prescription glasses


Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Polette Eyewear! They answered any questions that I had and communicated well during the entire process. I actually have already placed another order. 🙂 If you’re looking for affordable prescription glasses, definitely check them out: