As a busy freelancer, I don’t always have the time to prepare healthy home-cooked meals. On days that I find myself with a few minutes or so that I could spare to whip up a delicious dish in my kitchen, I am almost always greeted by an empty pantry. So, I decided to give Chef’s Plate a try.

For those who have not heard of it before, Chef’s Plate is a delivery service that lets you shop for ingredients of 2 or 4-person dishes online. All you have to do is go to their website, check the menu that they update every week and choose which dish you would like to cook. I personally suggest that if your reason for trying out Chef’s Plate is your busy schedule, you better check the preparation time that each dish requires carefully.

That’s pretty much it, actually. When you’re done filling your cart with the meals you are planning to cook, you just need to check out and wait until the ingredients are delivered to your house. Here’s a video of my unboxing a Chef’s Plate delivery so you can see what I mean:

There are three things that I like about Chef’s Plate:

First, it is freaking convenient, and I’m not even talking about the whole groceries-are-delivered-straight-to-your-doorstep thing. I feel like the total time that I have to spend cooking the dish is reduced in half because the prep time is practically eliminated from the equation. No need to measure the ingredients one by one, or adjust the recipe according to the number of servings you’ll make because Chef’s Plate already delivers your ingredients in accurate portions.

Second, it allows me to make healthier choices. I’m not proud of the kind of unhealthy junk I used to resort to when I can’t cook, but I always took comfort in the fact that back then, fast food was, well, fast. Can’t blame this girly for wanting convenience, right? Now, with Chef’s Plate, I no longer have an excuse because choosing healthy home-cooked meals could not get any easier than this!

Lastly, it helps me save more money. Or at least reduces my tendency to waste money on spoiled food. Whenever I buy fresh produce from the grocery, almost a third of it goes to waste because they just dry out in the fridge. Something always ends up uneaten or uncooked. With Chef’s Plate, the meals are already planned and the ingredients are already cut into the portions that you need for whatever dish you’ll make. Plus, each dish is reasonably priced.

Have you tried Chef’s Plate? I’d like to hear your thoughts on it. Comment below!

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