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Summer is a season of casual and effortless style. I myself am a fan of wearing rompers. Who wouldn’t be? They’re easy to wear and flattering on anyone! I mean if you’re tired of agonizing over mixing and matching your clothes, just grab a romper and you’re all set. But if you want to take your favorite casual wear to the next level, here are a few tips:

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Add a belt. Notice how some rompers sometimes bunch up in the middle or maybe you find that wearing one doesn’t give your body a flattering shape? Solve it by wearing a cute belt! Not only are they useful, but they also add a certain flair to your outfit! You can keep it simple by adding a thin belt in neutral colors such as black, beige or tan, or you can go crazy with an embellished one. Either way, you are already looking très fabulous!

Layer it. Rompers are ideal because they can easily go from day to night. Push the envelope for a dinner date or a night out with the girls by topping it with a blazer or a kimono. Just make sure that it doesn’t clash with the color or the print of your romper. Now you are ready for a night of fun, all you need is that gorgeous red lipstick!

Wear it with heels. The best thing about a romper? They show off your amazing legs! What better way to keep them looking endless by wearing your best heels. You can pair it with stilettos, ankle boots or your favorite summer wedges. Point is, those killer shoes will have you looking like a knockout!

Find the perfect fit. The best way to rock a romper is to make sure that it’s the perfect fit on you! There are a lot of silhouettes  to choose from that will flatter everyone. Just remember that it shouldn’t be too tight or too short on you. No amount of accessories can save a bad fit!

I know rompers are hot this season but remember the most important rule of fashion, wear it only if you love it and not just because it’s trending. When you dress for your personal style and comfort, you’ll find yourself looking and feeling amazing!

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